Riding with The Running Green Girl!

This past weekend was a washout for workouts. I spent the entire weekend working, with a quick trip to Boston saturday night for the Sox game. I had no time or drive to get any run, ride, or anything in. So when I had a day off today, I couldn't wait to work it out!!

First up was 5am bootcamp. A combo of ladderwork, slamballs, TRX rip trainers, battle rope running, and band rows. Home for a quick shower, then got the car packed to  drive to Simsbury, CT to meet up with The Running Green Girl as she completed the last day of her Tour DaVita!

I managed to find a big parking lot near the bike trail fairly easily. Soon I saw Mary's green handlebars cruising by, and I went running toward her with a Dunkin Donuts Boston Creme.

It was a drizzly morning to start off with, and the rain picked up as we went along.  It was so nice to ride with Mary, she is such a bubbly, fun girl! We chatted about races, running, biking, and blogging, and soon enough we were at mile 10. We took a quick photo, then I wished her good luck on the remaining 90 miles & started my trek back to the car.

10 miles done!

The rain picked up heavier, and I was getting soaked and filthy. I went as fast as I could to make it back to my car. I wished I had brought the bike rack for the car, because my back seat is now a filthy mess. My Jersey didn't look much better either...
Do you like my pretty new HMF jersey?

You know I went home and had a Panera breakfast sandwich!


Wells L said...

Training breaks are as important as training runs/rides.
Hope the game was fun!!!!

Molly said...

How fun that you got to ride with the Green Girl!!! : )