Three Things Thursday!

1. This week has been not very good with workouts, after getting in a killer ride on the trainer while watching the Bachelor Pad season finale tuesday, I have not worked out since. Food either, seeing the junk I ate tonight, YUCK! Back on track tomorrow! Marathon training starts monday & I am excited/nervous! I toasted myself with with a tiny glass, 2 huge glasses of red wine in my Disney Half Marathon 2010 wine glass. Man I love how big that thing is!

2. I need some help picking out new goggles! As you read in my race report HERE, I lost my goggles coming out of T1, so I need a new pair! Any recommendations of your favorites?

3. They are building us a brand new Hospital at my work!!! I am so excited that in a little over 2 years, we will have a beautiful, brand new place to work, with new equipment, electronic documentation, and space to treat my patients. We've been begging for one for so long, we can't believe the day is coming that it will actually happen.

Bed time, hopefully with a run tomorrow morning!


Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

I wanted to let you know not to be discouraged if you don't lose a ton of weight when you are marathon training. I actually gained weight. I looked thinner, felt thinner but the scale went up.

Good Luck!!

kimert said...

Have a great weekend!! Happy running!! Good luck with marathon training.

Lisa said...

i'm currently using women's vanquisher swim goggles. i like them.

LauraElaine said...

Enjoy your last weekend before marathon training!! :)