John Mayer, here I come! (Your questions answered, part 2!)

A while back, I had you ask me questions, and I'm still working on the answers! Here's round 2!

Penny @ Pink Hat Runner asked...
What is your favorite distance to run?
I would have to say the half marathon. It takes discipline and hard work to train to get there, and I feel so accomplished when I'm finished! (the bling doesn't hurt either!)
Out of all the races you've done, which was your favorite so far?
I have 2 races for different reasons. First one is Disney Half Marathon 2010, where I managed to convince my brother & 2 friends to run with me, and another friend to run the marathon. We had a bunch of friends come along as spectators too & had a blast. The race itself was not so good because of the weather, but it was awesome to help my brother finish his first half. I also love that you wear your bling around Disney until you go home, makes you feel like a Rockstar!
Horrible pic I know!! But it was such a big moment for us!

My other favorite would be Rock N Roll New Orleans. The race course was flat & I hit a PR, running with one of my best friends for her first half marathon finish. The post party was fun & the city of New Orleans was a blast afterwards. I wore my medal around town here too haha

What is your favorite place to eat?
Great question! My absolute favorite is the Goten, a japanese Hibachi restaurant in Sunderland, MA. They have noodles instead of fried rice & always put on a great show. I have a bunch of other loves too... Eastside Grill in Northampton (gorgonzola garlic bread), Villa Napoletana in East Longmeadow, Max's Tavern in Springfield, The Federal in Agawam. YUM!

Wells @ My Story... Chapter 2 asked...

If you could have a final meal, what would it be?
wow, what a hard question! Pick just one?? I would say a favorite meal I get at EastSide Grill. Probably gorgonzola garlic bread to start, followed by the blackened scallops with mashed sweet potatoes or their delicious risotto. For dessert a Canoli or fabulous cupcake. Now I'm getting hungry!

How did you decide the name for your blog?
I was trying desperately to come up with a catchy phrase. I thought about why I was running... to get in better shape and overall health. I'm still not wild about the title, but it works for now!

If you could have 3 pieces of gym/workout equipment for your home, what would it be?
My number one would be the TRX, no questions asked. I LOOOOVE that thing, and have been seriously considering buying one, but I don't feel like I have a good place to put it. 

My number 2 would be a lap pool. I hate getting up early and fighting for a lane at the pool. It would be nice to train/swim laps whenever I wanted.
Lastly, I think I would go with Bosu ball. They're a ton of fun for getting some great core work in!

If you could have dinner with 3 famous people (alive or dead), who would you select to dine with?
I know most of you will probably laugh at my first one... Britney Spears. I am a huge fan and would love to gossip and girl talk with her. John Mayer, since I am in love with him. Jacoby Elsbury, since he is my Red Sox boyfriend!
John Mayer's gap ad <3
Do you prefer books or movies?
Tricky question. I love books, but now with limited time on my hands a movie is easier to get through. I am not a huge fan of books that turn into movies. I feel like so much of the story gets lost or the details changed (The Something Borrowed star was a chubby girl in the book, not some cute skinny girl!). For books I love John Grisham and Chick Lit, and movies I like girly movies, comedies and horror flicks.

Would you ever consider doing an international race? If so, what location(s) would be most appealing?
I would definitely consider an international race, but I would be nervous not speaking the language!! How would I understand the race directions, where to go, etc. I think I would only do it as part of a group going for that specific reason. To nix that whole language thing, I would definitely do the Caribbean, I was considering Puerto Rico for the Diva Half, since most people speak English there too.

Thanks for listening! Part 3 will follow eventually...

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SamSkinnyJeans said...

I'd have dinner with Britney too!!

Lisa J said...

I just ran with my brother this past weekend for HIS first 1/2, and I agree with you, its such a rewarding experience to share it with family!

Megan said...

I'm with you on Jacoby, but I have to say Pedroia is a VERY second runner-up :)

CupCake@ Bigger Girls Can Run Too said...

Every time you talk about the Disney Half, I get more and more excited! Also, super excited that the ING half is getting closer!!