Week One Success = Treats at the Big E!

So, week 1 of my training for my very first marathon is completed! Not all the workouts went as I would have hoped, and my nutrition wasn't the best, but overall I'll call it a success. Here's a recap....

Monday- OFF
Tuesday- 1 hour bootcamp, 20 mile ride in 1:40. I got to go riding in the rain with the Green Girl!
Wednesday - Speedwork day: 3x1600m @ 6.4mph with 1 min rest intervals. My legs felt heavy & sore, but I plunged through with only a couple small rests on the last one!
Thursday - 1 hour bootcamp
Friday - Tempo day: 2 easy, 2 ST, 2 easy. Last 2 miles were definitely rough. My legs were wicked sore still.
Saturday- 15.76 ride in 1:15. A buggy, muggy ride with Kevin. Pretty much I wished we had stayed home.
Sunday- Long run 8.21 miles in 1:38. Rough run overall. My legs were heavy, my breathing short, and I just wanted to be done, but my body didn't want to go. I let Shelley go ahead the last 1.5 miles, and I struggled to the car with a million walk breaks.

Nutrition- Overall, not horrible. Biggest problem is that its fall, which means that my favorite beers are in limited supply. Which obviously means we have bought several cases and I'm enjoying 1 or 2 almost every night. I HAVE to stop this.

Today we went to the Big E, ever hear of it?
Pretty much its New England's biggest fair, and we had to go!
I managed my food smartly with a corn on the cob from the New Hampshire building, organic flatbread pizza from American Flatbread in Vermont, Sam Oktoberfest, Opa Opa Oktoberfest, and my favorite, the mini cinnamon donuts!
My donuts and my many purchases!
I'm also a huge sucker for those 'as seen on TV' kind of products. I ended up with a ceramic curling iron,  floor mats for the house, back cushion for my car, and an amazing grater. Pretty excited to curl my hair tomorrow!

Like the pink zebra? Don't mind my crazy eyes!
Since next weekend is the Diva Half Marathon, I'm going to get my key runs in on monday and wednesday, so I don't run 7 miles 2 days before the half. Shelley and I are excited for a long girls weekend away in Long Island!

Anyone else racing at the Diva Half in Long Island?
Anyone know any fun things to do in Long Island?


Wells L said...

Great job on doing the training despite it not going perfectly. Full mary training week 1 - DONE! WOO HOO!!!!

Wow - so impressed you went to a big fair and ate healthfully - can't say I did the same this week.

My training partner is ALL about doing the Long Island Diva Half next year so PLEASE tell me all about it!!!! Good luck girl - have fun!

Running Ricig said...

We thought about going to the Big E this weekend, too! We ended up just going to the Durham fair because it's closer and we're lazy :)

misszippy said...

I love that beer--perfect Fall treat. The Big E sounds fun; it seems like New England has lots of good Fall festivals.

Penny said...

Sound like you had an awesome weekend. Congrats on getting through your first week of marathon training.