To race or not to race?

Today I am so incredibly sore from bootcamp yesterday, that I cannot squat to pee. Thank goodness my trainer is off to California for advanced TRX training and will be missing the next 3 sessions. Bad news is, I know my strength training will suffer during that time. No worries, she'll be back right as I begin Marathon Training!!

Now before that marathon training begins, I still have a couple weeks. This weekend leads me to debatable races. I already signed up for the Women's Triathlon in Farmington, CT on sunday over a month ago. 
I have only been swimming once since my last race. It was a 1/2 mile, but it was a pool. I was not feeling good after my open water swim at the last race, and that was only 300 yards. I have not been cycling, and now the rain is keeping me from it. I could have pulled the bike in on the trainer tonight, but instead I laid on the couch. I could tomorrow night, while Kevin's at class. The running I am not concerned with, it's what I've been doing the most of, even though its my weakest sport, its my most comfortable. I have no friends to do this race with, but Kevin would tag along to cheer me on. Do I skip or plow through even though I will have a panic attack in the water probably not be pleased with my performance?

Saturday is a local 5K to support TBI research. The weather is supposed to be perfect running weather, the cost is only $20, the roads are relatively flat, and its 5 min from home in lovely Longmeadow, MA. Hmmm maybe I should go after that under 30 5K I've been dying for?

Should I do the triathlon or aim for the 5K PR?
Or both?!

I faced the music of the scale at my meeting tuesday. 3 pounds in mojitos, desserts, and cheese plates. Totally worth it. Yesterday & today I have counted points, and stayed fairly healthy, working at getting back on track with my nutrition. I know that weight loss would really help me while training for Disney!

What's your advice for me as I get ready to start marathon training?


run4may said...

I say do both but that's because I'm itching to run. I am also stingy with my money due to the difficult economy so I would just do the one I already paid for, unless you haven't paid for the triathlon. Good luck with your decision and your races whichever you choose to do.

Wells L said...

I think if you have paid for the tri you should do it - but go into knowing it's going to be more of an opportunity to train rather than to race it at your max effort. If you haven't paid for the tri - then do the 5K and kick ass!

Lisa said...

I would go for the triathlon that you already signed up for. Just scale back your expectations and do it as a highly supported training workout (it will be an awesome brick!) and have fun with it. I had to do that in 2008 when I decided to do a sprint while having bad knee issues - had to wear a knee brace for the bike and 'run' portions. With the right attitude, it was fun instead of frustrating. Plus it might re-spark your interest in triathlon.

I personally wouldn't do a 5K the day before a sprint tri, just because when I 'race' a 5K I really wear myself out. But that's just me...

Lisa said...

one more comment - i see that you are concerned about the open water swim. I totally get that! I'm not fond of those either and have been fortunate to be able to find local tris with pool swims (we live in the desert, it's either that or no tri!). But I have learned that the best way to get more comfortable with open water is to practice. If you approach this women's event as an opportunity to practice, i think it won't be so bad.

Kelsey @ Go Girl said...

Don't you love soreness like that? Soooo awesome.

I think that you will rock whichever race you choose to do, but since I'm still trying to get my sub 30 5k, Id choose to do the 5k. Good luck!!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

I think that's totally a tough call! Personally i would go with whatever sounds like you will have more fun..that's what all this is about right?!