Are you a morning person?

Recently, Holly @ Rust Belt Runner had a post about how she's becoming a morning person, HERE. It made me think about how I've come to love mornings (most days).

I start most days at 4:40am, get dressed & get out the door to bootcamp, the gym or a run.
clothes laid out, ready to go!
I lay my clothes out the night before to avoid turning on a light to wake Kevin, and to save time. Usually I get back around 6:30, and head straight to the shower. After that I'm usually loading/unloading the dishwasher, making lunch & breakfast, sometimes throwing in a load of laundry. I like to clean as much as I can, and get things organized so its not a disaster when I get home from work.
morning cleanup
Then its time for makeup while I watch the today show, and a quick blowdry to the hair. Clothes are easy for me, since I wear scrubs every day. If I have extra time, I'll look through a blog or two before I leave.

When I get home , I'm exhausted! Work is stressful & physically demanding at times, so I like to relax on the couch or make dinner. I'm looking forward to rides on the trainer this fall/winter after work while I watch my DVRd shows.

I wasn't always a morning person, it started maybe 4 or so years ago, when a coworker suggested working out in the morning. At first I laughed at the idea, but soon I was starting my day off with a workout and it felt good. I have the energy from the workout to carry me through until about 3pm.

Are you an Early Bird?
How do you start your day?


Running Ricig said...

I'm an earlyish person. I can't really sleep past 7, even on weekends, but I usually can't get myself out of bed to run earlier than 5:45 and that's only once a week.

Jill said...

I have a hard time getting up unless I'm meeting a friend to run or have actual plans. My normal wake up time is 6:45 naturally.

Your morning sounds so productive, though! That's awesome!

kimert said...

I want to be an early riser except that would require an early bedtime... and I am horrible with that! I also would LOVE to be that organized and on top of things in the morning. Good for you for being so productive! :)

MARIE said...

I want to start working out in the mornings, at least 1-2 times a week. I feel like it would give me such motivation! Maybe I'll try it out this week! That's awesome how you have gotten so used to it!

Anonymous said...

I am not a morning person, but I do enjoy getting my workout done in the morning. I've been more successful at this task having rejoined the gym recently. It's easier for me to head to the gym that it is to head to my basement (treadmill) or the road. Go figure!

Sara Elizabeth said...

I am NOT a morning person but I really wish I was. It would be awesome to get my workouts over and done with and have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. But I also find that running at the end of the day is the perfect way to relax and forget about anything bad or stressful that happened.