Three Things Thursday!

1. I'm putting together a new order from Amazon. I just got a couple new of my favorite bras (Fiona Bra By Moving Comfort), and now I'm putting together a new shopping list. So far....
Nuun Active Hydration Tri-berry, 12-Count Tubes (Pack of 8)

Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews, Pomegranate Passion Fruit, 1.8-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)

What are your favorite running/triathlon staples?

2. I signed up for my next race! A week from sunday, I will be doing my next sprint triathlon at the Wilbraham YMCA. Last night, my friend Debbie and I wanted to get in an open water swim. I got my wetsuit ready, and after some research decided to head to the pond in Ludlow, since Spec pond in Wilbraham was listed as closed until next weekend. After driving over, we were stopped by locked gates! Closed here as well, how will we get a practice swim in before race day?

3.  I have been debating over joining the Half Fanatics. Right now, I would qualify as a Neptune (1 moon) for my RnR New Orleans and Disney Princess halfs. I have also been thinking, "how can I qualify for more moons?" Here is my plan.....
I am already planning on the Hartford Half in October
I am pretty sure there is a Half in Monson, MA in November (although who knows after the tornados)
To earn 3 moon Saturn status, I would have to complete 4 half marathons in 4 different states in 51 days. I would have MA & CT, so I would like to find halfs in either RI, VT, NH, ME, NY in October or November. Could be a fun challenge!

Are you a Half Fanatics member?
Do you have a October or November race suggestion?

In bad news.... my brother is thinking of dropping out of his first full marathon since he's suffered a few injuries and his training has not been up to par. I am nervous for him, since I know it will make Goofy that much harder for him in January.

Hoping to get a run in tomorrow!


Holly said...

TMB @ Racing with Babes is doing a 1/2 in RI I think sometime in November. Not sure which one though.

Jill @ Run for the Hills said...

I think TMB is doing the Amica, and there was a Groupon for $37 or something but it expires today. Lisa J at Because I Can linked to it...may want to check it out!

I like those Honey Stingers a lot! I'm Half Fanatic #929. I would like to up my moon status...we'll see if I can!

Wells L said...

Wanna join "C" "L" and I (and meeting a new girl "A") for the St. Louis RnR in October- then you can get additional medals!!!! We're going to CA for Big Sur Half in November - love to have you come alone!!!! Good times girl!!!!

"C" and I are looking at joining half fanatics as well for doing 3 halfs in 3 states in 3 months or something like that.

Bummer 'bout your brother. Hope he gets healed!!!! That's what is MOST important.

Molly said...

I love nuun. Hope your brother heals quickly!

The Green Girl said...

I love the Honey Stinger waffles - so good.

Hope your brother is okay, so sorry to hear of his injury.