Motivation is coming!

My head is in the game.

Today was weigh in day, and I knew it wouldn't be pretty since I had an indulgent weekend with dinners out, cocktails, and a lack of exercise last week. I was pleasantly surprised to come away with only a .2 gain, and be ready to start my new week with a positive outlook. Stepping on my home scale this morning, I was wicked pumped to see a 2% loss in body fat from a couple weeks ago, SCORE!

California culinary schools may be an option for those of you who are craving warmth and sunshine and learning about cooking and nutritious eating. When healthy food tastes great, it is easy to find the motivation to want to eat healthfully. Anyone looking for a career change?

My favorite trainer! Bia Owner Krystal
Keeping motivation high is difficult for me. I think many of us have a few good days, or weeks, then start to fall apart. I am trying different things to help keep me positive about losing weight, working out, and being healthier. Since I've enjoyed the outdoor bootcamp class so much with Bia Fitness, I was thinking I should keep with another class. I've found that I looove the TRX, and was wanting to start their 5am TRX class. However, there is a bootcamp challenge starting at the end of june with Bia Fitness, and TRX is on hold until fall, so I've decided to join the bootcamp class. Paying the money will force me to show up, and I know it blasts a TON of calories. As long as I can keep solid with my nutrition I should be on the right track for a good weightloss. Krystal was my original trainer, and has been with me since my first half marathon, so I'm really excited to be working out with her again!

What is the extra motivation needed for?
of course!
I would LOVE to look at vacation pictures and think "look at that sexy chick!", or maybe even pull off a more daring swimsuit for the beach.

Plus, a fitter body will be easier to drag across a finish line, or through 26.2 miles in January. And, on the fly chance that my wedding actually takes place at some point, it would be awesome to be already in shape for it, and not have to stress over it.

So heres to a solid week of eating healthy, exercising consistently, and managing the many curveballs life throws my way!


Wells L said...

2% is not easy - congrats!!! That's all of your hard work paying off. So excited for your summer boot camp challenge - sounds hard but fun and rewarding. Here's to kicking butt in the vaca photos!!!!!

Run with Jess said...

I"m the same way... when I pay the money, I show up. I've been really slack on the eating lately too. Today was a good day though... gotta get the xtra lbs off before marathon in Sept!

Kristin said...

YAY on the 2% body fat loss!! Its hard being good every day!! Keep up the positive attitude!! :)

Mary-Michael said...

Congrats on the weigh in body-fat loss! Yippee!!

I totally understand the motivation factor. It is hard to stay on track, especially when curveballs are coming from every direction. Good luck working on the beach bod! :D

Amy said...

Have fun with the bootcamp! I just started attending them again and seeing ~600 calories burned in an hour totally makes the pain worth it!