Weekend fun!

This week I have slacked majorly. Besides my one badass workout at bootcamp, I have been lazy. So today, I decided to hit the gym.  I had wanted to get a ride in, but the rain wouldn't let up. I did a little on the elliptical, then killed myself lifting weights. Arms and core. I killed it on the TRX (I am loving that thing), and now my arms feel like jello. Tomorrow I have a 13 mile run planned, so I'm glad I avoided lunging, squats and any sort of leg strengthening today.

Its restaurant week in Northampton! 
That means that many of the restaurants offer a small menu of 3 courses for $21. Last night, my girlfriends and I tried Pizzeria Paradiso which was actually 2 people for $21! This left plenty of money in our pockets for their delicious Sangria!

I had a veggie chop chop salad, which besides veggies had walnuts, gorgonzola, and other deliciousness. For dinner I had a Margherita pizza (and a piece of my friend's shrimp scampi pizza), then finished it off with a chocolate mouse for dessert. After a couple pitchers of sangrias, food, and laughs, we finally left and loved our new find!

Tonight, Kevin and I are headed to Mama Iguanas!
Neither one of us has been before, but the mexican menu looked delish, and they will be opening one in Springfield soon, so we figured we should check it out.

We finally decided on our summer vacation......

we'll be heading to San Juan then taking a drive to get on...

A cruise to the southern caribbean!
The 7 night cruise hits St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Aruba, & Curacao. We're planning to stay one night in San Juan before, and possibly one night after. I am soooo excited and ready for a vacation! Plus it will be after RnR Providence, so my long runs will be able to stay on a short hiatus, until fall racing and marathon training begin. We had such a blast on our last Royal Caribbean cruise, we can't wait to go again.

Has anyone ever gone to these places? Recommendations or thoughts?

Off to map my route for tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I've been to Curacao! It's an interesting island with some history. We did a lot of snorkeling there.

Wells L said...

I've never been, but it sounds like a whole lot of fun especially after Providence half - woot!

Penny said...

I have never been on a cruise. But it looks like a lot of fun. I'm so glad you are having a great weekend. Go rock that 13 miles tomorrow.

The Green Girl said...

That sounds like an amazing trip - so excited for you. I've always wanted to go on a cruise!