Try Try Again

today's quote:

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
Thomas A. Edison

This means a lot to me in many aspects of my life right now. How many times has giving up given you what you wanted? Without picking ourselves up when we are unsuccessful, or failing to push ourselves to the max, we will never reach our goals.

For me I can think of a few things this applies to...

My weightloss. If I don't try to eat healthy, track my points, and exercise regularly after a slip up, then I would never loose any weight. For me, this has been a struggle. Sometimes I lose sight of the long term goal of losing weight & being healthy that I forget how important it is to try again. I've been working hard to change this mentality with my weightloss, and I'm hoping that this try again I'll be sucessful.

My Training. Sometimes I skip a workout. Sometimes I skip too many workouts, which is not a good set-up to get ready for a race. But instead of quitting a race, or stopping training all together, I work at getting back on track.

My relationship. We've had so many bumps in the road over the last couple years, but we keep working to make things better. We are both strong believers in not quitting just because things get tough. And even though we have come very close to quitting several times, we try again to make it the best it can be because we love each other and know that one of these times we will be successful.

When have you picked yourself up to try again?
Were you successful?


Megan said...

Running right now is the toughest thing that I'm picking back up. After running a 5K in December that I wasn't fully trained for, I let running go and am now on my way to re-train my body how to run. It's going well, but it's embarrassing to tell someone that I ran a 5K, but can only run 2 miles now...

Good for you for getting back in the game.

Penny said...

I am feeling so like Megan. I just did 20K the first of June.But you wounldnt know it. Right now I dont even want to or even feeling like I can go 3 miles. So thank you for this post I so needed it today or this wk.