Long run thoughts.....

Today on our long run, we struggled a little through the hills and miles, but ran the whole thing and felt awesome (and exhausted) by the end. We spent the first 6 miles or so catching up on our relationship troubles (running is so good for that), the middle miles about work, restaurants, and vacations, and the last mile on how far we've come.

We remembered back to the days when we couldn't run a mile. We thought about that random day last November when I asked Shelley if she wanted to try a 9 mile run with me. That one little question changed everything. It got me my weekly running partner, brought Shelley & I closer than ever, and changed me into a person more committed to their training. Previous half marathon trainings I had skipped many long runs, and ran the race under prepared. But with Shelley by my side, we only missed 2 long runs due to weather or hungoverness, and we finished RnR New Orleans better prepared than I ever dreamed we would be. We're now training for RnR Providence and are at the point where a 13 mile run is a casual training run. I won't lie, we still want to die sometimes, but a 13 mile run has gotten a lot easier over the months. I'm hoping that this will help us as we get ready to start training for our first Marathon in September.
Now that we're so comfortable with the distance, we need to work on our speed. I am so thankful to have my running partner Shelley!

When did a certain insurmountable distance become a regular training run for you?
Do you have a partner you're thankful for?

I spent the rest of the day relaxing, shopping, and watching food network. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

Definitely when I started training for my marathon. I could pretty much run a half marathon at anytime now.

During my marathon training I only missed one long run and that was due to an injury. It was a pretty big one though and it didn't set me back one bit.

I will run my first marathon in less than a week.