Sweat Your Thorns Off 5k!

I registered for the Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K, even though its not super sweaty right now here in Massachusetts.

I had a busy day on saturday working, and wanted to get a short ride in to test out my newly fixed bike before Sunday's race, so I decided to call the run portion of my triathlon as my SYTO race.

I first set-up in transition

Then after my swim & bike (race recap for the triathlon will be later), I headed out for my run!

It was a loop course, where each lap you collect a wristband, and you needed 4 bands to finish. The race started with a small incline and the first wristband. After the first incline, the rest of the loop was flat & downhill. AWESOME. I was doing some speedy miles for just coming off 13 miles on the bike.

1 lap left!

 My last lap, I picked up speed and picked off a few people. My legs felt great, my breathing was steady, and I finished strong. On a long course!

If you recall, faster than my tempo run from thursday. Sweet!
I also didn't stop my Garmin from bike to run and my transition time was calculated in to my splits.

3.48 miles in 36:07

HUGE thanks to Adam @ The Boring Runner for putting on a fun virtual race!
I promise I'll do the full Triathlon report once I get my official time!


Wells L said...

Way to combine 2 races - very time efficient. Great job! Can't wait to read the tri recap!

Lisa said...

nice job! and i'm looking forward to the tri race report!