Susan G Komen 5K Race Report

I hadn't thought much about this race. It was the first race I ever ran 5 years ago, and I like to do it every year, especially since its for a great cause. I was wicked sad last year when I couldn't run because of my foot surgery.

I didn't lay out my pre-race outfit or really prepare at all. Instead, I got a decent nights sleep, and woke up early. After my regular breakfast, I tried to find the pinkest outfit I could. Got my gear together, then Kevin and I headed to Hartford.

It was a beautiful morning, sunny and around 70. My t-shirt and bib had come in the mail, so the only thing to do was check out the sponsor booths for free goodies. Pens, frisbees, water bottles, sweat bands, chapstick, all pink with the different companies logos, and 4 loaves of bread (which are mostly in the freezer now). After gathering the goods, we headed to the start, where Kevin sent me off.

pink plaid running skirt, pink CEP socks, new pink & black iFitness belt
I was itching for a new PR. Current is 30 and change, so I wanted to make it under 30 min. I figured if I could average a 9:30 pace, I would make it.
 We started 10 minutes late, and the crowds were so crazy, that it took a while to ramp up to a good speed. Surprisingly, my first mile was speedy, despite the people dodging. I clocked in at 9:11. Then, we hit the hills. The begining of the second mile, started with a big hill, then there were several more throughout that mile. 

We all know how I am on the hills. I slowed down, had to walk a bit of one hill, and clocked in at 10:26, yikes! I had some time to make up, so I tried to pick it up again, but I was getting tired. Thankfully the downhills started, and I was able to gain a little speed. I was struggling a bit, and had to take a few short walk breaks. Finally, we were rounding around Bushnell Park for the last time! Mile 3 was at 9:15. I sprinted toward the finish, which is almost the same finish line as the Hartford Marathon. 
Garmin time?
bummer, but Garmin also said a 3.25 mile course. 

Official 5K results
31:14, 10:15 pace
overall 577/968
age group 78/137

Booo! I was disappointed, but felt like I tried the best I could. Not under 30, and not a PR, darn it! I grabbed a banana and water, then took a quick picture with the pink cruiser, then headed home. I had a wedding to get ready for! (more on that later!)

Next race, Sprint Tri on June 26th!


Lisa said...

congrats! and cute outfit :-)

The Green Girl said...

Aw, I'm sorry you didn't PR but at least you feel like you gave it your all.

And I must say you look adorable in front of that pink police car!

Suzy said...

Hills are not my friend and I'm there with you slowing down on them. Congrats on running strong! Love the outfit.

amber said...

way to go!! boy you are an inspiration, i have got to get back into running!!