Encouragement always welcome!

Today's quote:

"Flatter me, and I may not believe you.  Criticize me, and I may not like you.  Ignore me, and I may not forgive you.  Encourage me, and I will not forget you."
  -- William Arthur Ward

Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement when we're down to pick us up. Isn't is true, that when you may be down on your luck, feeling hopeless, that a kind word or boost up turn us around in the other direction. You remember that person who gave you that kick to power to the end of a race, or finish a tough workout. On the flip side, how great is it to be that person to support and help someone through a tough time?

When has someone been there to support and encourage you through a tough time?

Just finished my 2nd outdoor bootcamp class!

I rode to/from class, then suffered through an hour of TRX, dynamic exercises, partner work, and other cardio & strength training for a total calorie burn on 866. Awesome. I am totally loving this class, I wish it were every week! I love working out with my old trainer again, and meeting the girls in class.

I managed to lose .6 at weigh in tuesday, which is amazing amongst the drinking and eating I did at the wedding and shower this past weekend. Nutrition has been ok, I still need to work on avoiding snacking immediately following work when I get home. With all the nice weather, I think I may try going to my moms house to lay by the pool for an hour instead!

I've decided to skip this weekend's triathlon, and instead aim for the one at the end of the month. This way I can save a little money, race with my friend Debbie, and let my bike get a tune up. My gears are not clicking in right, and the bike shop doesn't have an opening until 2 weeks from now. 

I feel so behind on everyone's blogs!! I've won some sweet prizes, including an awesome new Allied Steel Medal Hangar I can't wait to share when it comes in!

A round of storms with thunder, lightening & hail are on the way. As long as there are no more tornados!!


Run with Jess said...

I really love that quote... gonna have to add it to my running journal. Thanks!

Molly said...

I just brought my bike into the shop yesterday, I think I'm kind of in denial that I have a triathlon coming up this summer!

Wells L said...

I love that quote (too). Last night I blogged about that very topic - encouraging a rookie runner. Great post!!!

The Green Girl said...

Wow, you go, girl! You are a machine!

Carly said...

I really have alaways wanted to do one of those bootcamp classes and have never found one that works with my schedule.
My bike just got a tune up too. I don't think it has had one in many years. So much better now!

Sarah said...

I have an afternoon snacking issue also. Luckily, I just discovered that my little guy likes hummus and almonds, so I give him those when I pick him up after work...then I don't feel bad picking at his plate.