Back on track!

Good News!

Even with 2 dinners out (Hibachi & Sushi), I managed to stay healthy and on track for the majority of the week and weigh in this week down 2.6 pounds!

On Sunday, my running partner Shelley took a HUGE digger around mile 12, which luckily was right around the corner from her mom's house. She was bleeding like crazy from a big scrape on her arm (she wouldn't let me take a pic haha). Thankfully I was able to call her mom to come get us so we could get her cleaned up, then get a ride back to our car. We only missed 2 miles, so no big deal. Shelley screamed like a girl being murdered as her mom cleaned her up, but thankfully she's feeling a lot better now.

Did I tell you Shelley is thinking of becoming a nurse too (even after the fall lol). Licensed Practical Nurse is a helpful resource for people who also have a passion for
leading a healthy lifestyle and want to help others in their pursuit of
being healthy, as well. People who take bad falls while running sometimes
need nurses, too.

Right now I have a loaf of Kari @ Running Ricig 's banana bread in the oven. Can't wait to taste it, YUM!
Check out the recipe HERE.  

The bike went into the shop today for a tune-up. I've been having problems clicking the gears fully into place for a while now. Found out today that my chain is really stretched out, and the teeth are worn down. It looks like a new chain is in order. Can't wait to get it back, just in time for saturday's triathlon!

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Wells L said...

Glad your training partner is alright. Dang, that could have been soooo bad. Glad you were near a ride and help!!!! Ouch!!!!

Great job loosing so much weight even with "life" going on!!!

The Green Girl said...

Congratulations on sticking with the program despite everything going on and losing those 2.6 pounds!

Glad your running partner is okay. How scary!

Running Ricig said...

yay! Thanks for the tag! I hope you love it!!