Weddings & Runs & Baby Showers oh my!

In all this tornado crazziness (and my lack of attention), I missed my 1 year bloggiversary!

Last year on May 26, I started this blog as a way to help me stay on track with healthful eating, and working out. At the time, I was recovering from foot surgery, and miserable at the lack of activity I could engage in. Over the past year, I have been so fortunate to find all of you, my followers! My new support team, who has given me words of advice, encouragement, kicks in the ass, and inspiration to continue my journey. You all helped me become a triathlete, finish 2 half marathons in 2 weeks, and sign up for more races in 1 year, than I had in my entire running career! I've learned about new products, training plans, nutrition, and races to try. 

Thank you for welcoming me to this blogging world, and listening to what I have to say. It means more than you know!!

This weekend?
Packed with activities.
Saturday morning was the Susan G Komen 5K (race report HERE)

Then, I raced home to get ready for my friend Katie & Ian's wedding! It was a 1:30 ceremony, and we were meeting up with a bunch of my coworkers there. Katie looked gorgeous, the ceremony was nice, then we headed to Northampton Brewery for an in between snack & beer since the cocktail hour didn't start until 4:30. Once we got to Hotel Northampton, and to the open bar, I quickly realized that my scheduled long run for sunday may not work out in my favor. We had a blast!

Coworkers at cocktail hour!

The bride looked gorgeous!

After a glass of wine and 2 cosmos, I got a text from Shelley checking in on our morning run. I told her I'd try my best, but it was open bar afterall! A few more cosmos, dinner, another glass of mine, 2 glasses of champagne & endless dancing, we headed home. Kevin gave me an ibuprofen and water before bed, and I fell instantly asleep.

 I woke up early for my 8:30am meet up time with Shelley. I felt ok, not hungover, but just tired. I gulped some gatorade and had breakfast. Thank goodness it was a recovery week, and only 8 miles. Shelley wanted to run in Forest Park again, so I mapped us a route starting in Longmeadow. We got to our start point and... no Garmin! I left it charging at home, grrr! I quickly downloaded the mapmyrun app so we could at least track our mileage.

My stomach, thank god, felt fine. My legs felt heavy. We headed for forest park and were aiming for a new loop. Somehow we ended up on a paved trail, which turned into a wooded trail. This began my first encounter with trail running. We had no idea where we were, we just kept following the trail. Finally we saw a man, and asked him how to get back to Longmeadow. Soon, we saw the paved road that we shouldn't have ventured off, but it was down a very steep hill. Carefully we walked down, trying not to fall, until we hit the pavement. No idea where we were. I had no clue Forest Park was so big!! We found someone else, and asked how we got back to Longmeadow. He directed us toward a different entrance than we came in, but at least we knew where we were. 

We passed some pretty sights, ponds, geese, and gardens. Finally we were out, and already 5 miles in to our run, we headed back to the car, exhausted. 7.2 miles total, only .8 short of our goal.

Back home to shower, then off to a baby shower!
Met up with a few more coworkers to celebrate our friend Michelle's baby girl on the way. I also had to skip out on another baby shower my friend Barbie was having that morning, phew!

Thank goodness I took today off! I've already done some cleaning, laundry, shopping, and am getting ready to go lay by the pool for a bit. Its a gorgeous day here. Did you notice no workout listed? My right foot is feeling a little painful, so I figured I would give it a break. Enjoy the day!


The Green Girl said...

Aw, happy one year blogaversary!

Penny said...

I have never ran on a trail. Did you like it? You had a very busy weekend. That is awesome that you got up after a wedding to run with Shelly. Because it is so easy to stay in bed or should I say for me that what I would probably of done. YOU GO GIRL.