WOW spinning kicked my ass last night!!  I went with my little sister & I burned over 500 calories during the hour. My foot was bugging me a bit, there were parts where I had to take it down a notch & slow down. Kevin came over last night for a sleepover :) things are going well, but I feel like he is putting things off again. When I tell him how I'm concerned because he hasn't proven to me that we're moving forward he gets upset. The ring is still not on my finger and it really makes me upset! Almost 2 months that I havent worn it, and that makes me really sad. I just feel less engaged, less moving forward, less being in a meaningful relationship. I am feeling like crap at the current moment about all of that. Any time I try to being things up & figure it out he gets mad. I don't even know what to do anymore.

Slept great last night, but skipped the gym today, my foot was extra achy from all the activity today. I was kind of hoping Kevin would have golf cancelled so he could come over. I was craving Friendly's watermelon roll, I bought one and ate that &  couple other nibbles for dinner. Soooo not healthy or nutritious, but I haven't had one in probably 2 years & it was soooo good. Im also pissed that my roomie & her kinda boyfriend have now bailed on us for the sox game this weekend. I have wicked awesome & somewhat pricey tickets & now no one to go with kevin & I. Looks like I'm about to lose $250.

Tonight I'm being lazy. I made a massage appointment for sunday which will be wonderful. Until Kevin proves to me that hes in this & ready to move forward I don't know what to do... ::sigh:: I wish life was easier sometimes...

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Lindsay said...

I'm sorry things are still up in the air right now! I know it sucks to be in the in between and unsure of things, but things will work out the way they are supposed to. As much as that sucks to hear!