Finding a new motivation

Now that I'm getting more settled at work, with being back from my long surgical absence, I'm getting back on track. I guess not too bad that it's taken only 2 weeks. Ive done well the past 2 days, even counted points today. I'm starting back at work full time tomorrow, which will be a new challenge as well. I NEED to start getting myself up for my 5am workouts. I took home the pages of lifting exercises that my trainer (who has since left my gym) has given me over the past 3 years, and tonight I'm going to make my own lifting program.

I had my 11 week follow up at the surgeons today. They took x-rays and said everything is looking great. I felt so motivated that I went to the gym & did some jogging.  It was a bit of a struggle endurance wise, but it felt good after 30 minutes. I want to find a 5k for august or september, but haven't had much luck in finding anything yet.

Its been so hot out lately. We've topped out at about 102-105 the past couple of days. ( I had to buy a sprinkler to keep my garden from dying) Running and exercising in the heat can be dangerous, if you don't drink enough. I thought this article was an interesting read at Runners world How much should you be drinking?

Tomorrow is Thursday, so I will WI in the morning & update tomorrow!

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Lindsay said...

Congrats on the good news from your X-rays! Thanks for posting the article from Runner's World, I know I struggle to stay hydrated in this heat, even though my Nalgene and I are inseparable.