Training schedule is set!

Well this has only been a goal of mine for the past few weeks. I have needed to come up with a more solid exercise plan to stay on track. I finally buckled down & did it tonight, so glad I did. I used Shape's Triathlon training program to develop my plan. I chose it over Hal Higdon's since it seemed a little less intensive & I want to go easy since I had surgery just 3 months ago on my foot. My official start will be on Monday.

Here is my plan for the rest of the week:
Thursday: AM workout. Bike 20 min, Jog 20 min
Friday: AM workout. Swim 15 min, Run 30 min
Saturday or Sunday: Bike 20, Run 30. I may split this into parts each day depending on my work schedule.

I also wrote out my strength training program. Normally I would have had my trainer set up a program for me & go over it with her, but since she left my gym, I'm going to try it on my own. I used a mix of my favorites I've done with her in the past. I split my strength training into 4 circuits with 2-3 exercises in each one. I'll start with these and see how they feel, then adjust accordingly or as I find new exciting exercises.

circuit 1:
walking lunges with bicep curls
stability ball chest fly
stability ball reverse fly
circuit 2:
Assisted pull ups
pushups progressing to hands on medicine ball
circuit 3:
v-sit row
lying bench leg raises
triceps (I cant decide which to use right now)
circuit 4:
stability ball dolphin (reminds me of dolphin in ashtanga yoga)
side plank with twist
regular plank hold

So that is the plan. It feels exciting to have it all laid out. I even took into account my vacation in planning my schedule & it all looks good. I will post a list sun or monday of my plan for  the week, along with daily (hopefully) updates on my workouts. Now, I need to get to bed so I can wake up for that thursday AM workout! good night!

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