Good start to the day!

So thursday is WI day, which I have been slacking on (as you can see on the sidebar of this page). I have not been taking WW seriously, not staying on plan, eating things in quantities I know I shouldn't be. I expected WI today to be atrocious. 186.5. I was pleasantly surprised. Got my butt out of bed for the gym this morning, did 20 min of jogging & ditched the planned 20 min bike ride in favor of testing out my new strength training program. Felt good to lift actually, I haven't done it in a while. I think I need to add more leg exercises, any suggestions? Off to work I go feeling good & in control!

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Lindsay said...

Hey! I saw your post on my blog! First off, I'm so excited for you deciding to do a sprint triathlon. Not only is it a great way to force yourself to cross train but it's so much fun.
As far as advice goes, are you looking for training advice or just advice in general.
For race gear in terms of clothes here's what I wear. (Don't worry i was most worried about that too)
I wear my normal swimsuit with a sports bra underneath so I have more support while running. Then I got a pair of tri shorts and a tri tank top for a good price on I wear the tri shorts over the swimsuit during the swim and put the tank top on at the swim to bike transition. You don't have to wear a tank, but I'm more comfortable more covered up, but thats just me. You can also find cheap triathlon clothing on

Let me know what other questions you have! Seriously you will not regret doing this triathlon they are addicting!