Don't turn around!

Tonight I didn't do so well with eating. I did not drink enough water at work today. I had errands to run after work including a trip the the grocery store. Picked up a diet root beer (I NEVER drink soda). I made a healthy dinner, but then had a little too much to snack on after my veggie burger and corn. I had a single serving light popcorn, popchips & granola. Finally I had a cup of green tea & stopped. Certainly not overboard, but not what I would have liked to do.

This morning I went to the gym, swam & weight lifted. I pulled my right glut & now my butt is killing me! Tomorrow is an AM 20 min run, then PM spinning class. I am making teriyaki chicken burgers for dinner (like my favs from red robin, but healthier) and corn on the cob. Well technically I will just be prepping dinner and then Kevin will be starting it while I am at spinning. YUM!

Trying to pick out an outfit for the tri is skilling me. I know I have a while, but I want to practice in what I'll be wearing for the race. I found a new TYR set I really like too...

So many choices!! I think I am between the TYR, the & Danskin. Any recommendations on brands that work? 

Bed time so I can get up for a run and prep dinner before work!

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