Sox'n it up!

very unproductive end to my week. I was in a panic about finding someone to go with us to saturday's Sox game at Fenway since my roomie bailed on us. We ended up taking my sister & a coworker friend of mine who didn't have to work. I spent 0 time at the gym since spinning. Plan is to hit it tomarrow AM for a quick run or something. Game was amazing, my food choices, not so much. I had 2 beers at boston beer works, 2 bud lights at the game, fried pickles, chicken sandwhich & sweet potato fries at the beer works. crackerjacks, popcorn & red sox ice cream at the game. I really want to post more, but I am so exhausted, I will put it off until tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! <3 the sox.