First cycle back!

Got on my road bike today for the first time since surgery. Originally I had planned on a 20 min ride, followed by a 30 min run, but Kevin came with me on the ride and really wanted to go out longer, so we ended up with a 50 min, 9 mile ride. Unfortunately my road bike is not equipped with cages, and I do not think I'm ready for clips yet, so my feet sometimes fly off the pedals when I'm going fast. My brother discarded his old cages when he got clips, and we both have Specialized bikes so I'm hoping they will fit. I'm going to dig them out & make an appointment for a bike fit & have those put on for wednesday. The ride felt good, I definitely could have gone for more, but it was starting to sprinkle and we were getting hungry. Kevin thought I did pretty good keeping up with him :)

Work was not quite as busy today, I got out around 2:30. I made good choices with my eating and tracked everything all weekend, now we're just trying to figure out what to do for dinner.

In other news, any thought on the bodybug? You know, the thing the contestants wear on the Biggest Loser around their arms. My friend Amy got one. In fact she wore it when we went to the casino a fewweekends ago. She is in good shape, has lost a lot of weight. I'm just not sure how useful it is for someone who already has healthy eating & activity habits. I mean she runs probably 30 miles a week at least & is training for her second half marathon, does she really need to be so precise about measure how many calories she burns at rest? thoughts?

Time for dinner and preparations for the week ahead. It will be a busy one since we are going to boston for the sox game on saturday and leaving for Mexico on sunday. Can't wait!


Lindsay said...

I don't really like the whole body bugg thing, but that's just me. Then again, I don't really care how many calories I'm burning at rest. I do like my heart rate monitor for when I workout. I feel like that's your better deal cause then you can track the calories you burn during workouts. I don't know to each their own I guess.

Anonymous said...

I can understand it. If I'm not anal retentive about what I eat and tracking things, I gain very easily. I have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to eating!