Move over old ladies!

Today I had a day off and was looking forward to a productive, yet relaxing day. I wanted to start my day with a swim so I headed over to the gym at about 9 after some housecleaning (note this is 30 min before old lady water aerobics start). There are 3 lap lanes at my pool & a smaller therapy pool. So I get there and there is one lady in a lane wearing sunglasses, a bandana & hat, doggy paddling back and forth, another lane has an older woman with swim cap & goggles doing the back stroke, the last lane has an old lady just floating in the middle with a foam noodle. SCREAM! I ask the woman with the swim cap if I can share with her "no, i have neck issues" she says. What?? Do you expect me to wail you in the neck? Seriously I know how to swim. Next I ask the woman with doggy paddle to share "No, I have surgical wounds that you could do damage to if you kicked" What??? Surgical areas? Pretty sure if you have surgical areas you don't want me near, you shouldn't even be in the pool for health reasons. While I was trying to share with the other 2, a woman started walking in the floaters lane. She asked me if I would like to share with her. So I spent my workout avoiding the floater and making sure I didn't run into the walker. LAST time I go swimming at that time!

I got home and it was such a beautiful day I decided to go out for a ride. I really need more practice on my bicycle. I still don't really know how to shift gears or drink my water while pedaling. I did almost 6 miles in 26 min which I thought was pretty good. Then again, I have no idea. How fast do people really ride bicycles?

Finished the day with some cleaning, packing, muffin baking (Jillian's Banana Blueberry, YUM!), a nap, and more research on inspiring triathlon stories, and tips for completing successfully. I am exhausted despite the nap, I'm excited that in 2 days I begin vacation with red sox & cancun!

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IronGirl Jo said...

Thanks for the plug! I'm excited to train "together" through cyberspace!

BTW are you planning to do Disney again this year? I am going to do it...probably the half and full marathons so we should meet!!