Oh Stacys... you make me feel so good...and bad

Long day at work. I did get up for my AM run, but 10 hours of patient treatment time ( most of it exhausting), mounds of paperwork, and looking after a student made me get out an hour late. Which put me in a very BAD mood, since I knew I would end up missing spinning. I didn't leave until 5:30, and I still had to buy corn for dinner and do the prep work. I ended up picking up a few things at the store with the corn. Cinnomen sugar Stacy's Pita chips, a low fat ice cream cup & peppermint patties. I ate 80% of the pita chips, the ice cream cup (single serving), and 2 mini peppermint patties. Why oh why do I do this? I know that it's horrible for me, I don't even really want to. But for some reason at the time it feels like the only option. Dinner was delish! I made terriyaki burgers from Stephanie Cooks blog.

p.s. kevin found a squirrel skeleton while mowing the lawn. Gross! how did that even happen???

I think I am between 3 different tri outfits, Ill post them tomorrow & take a poll. I am so tired, and as a result excited for a day off tomorrow after working 9 days in a row. pedicure, packing, cleaning, and a good workout tomorrow!

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