Ive been bad

A bad blogger. A bad WWer. A bad exerciser.

Blogging & posting on the WW message boards helps to keep me on track and I haven't been doing it, so there it is. Have been eating way to much. The cookouts this weekend didn't help either. I weighed in at 186.5 last thursday, hopefully it hasn't gotten much worse. Kevin and I made a pact to get back on track with eating right and losing weight. Our vacation to Mexico is less than a month away!

On a plus side my vegetable garden is growing! I picked my first zuchinni last week! I planted some green peppers, eggplant & basil too. Still growing :) I bought a sprinkler for the yard to keep the grass from getting any browner and keep the garden alive. It was 90 degrees at 9 am today, so its going to be HOT out!

Things with Kevin have been going well, just waiting on our re-proposal and moving forward with everything. We decided not to talk about it until after it happens, and he knows it needs to be done soon, like less than a month.

So here again, is my pledge to get BACK on track. work on getting to the gym more, not letting work exhaust me, and making smarter decisions with food.

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