I fought my bike, and my bike won....

So after feeling so exhausted this morning I had to skip my workout, I decided to pack up my stuff to go out riding/ running with some coworkers. I spent 20 minutes fighting my bike into the car. imagine this ..... I am dressed in my red sox scrubs and a white tshirt, I take the bike from the garage. Removing the front wheel so it fits in the back seat is supposed to be easy right. flip the clip, pop off the wheel. nope, not working, unscrew that black screw thing? nope, now a spring is coming back. Lets try to put down the back seat & shove it through the trunk. Groan, shove, not going in. Rip the bike out, put it back in the garage. Get into the car & realize I have 7 minutes now to get to work and look at my shirt and arm to realize I am coated with dirt, tire streaks & sweat. The bike won, it went into the garage. Then at work, my coworkers decided they wanted to go earlier than I could get out & I was way to exhausted anyways. ::GROAN::

Slow Fat Triathlete: Live Your Athletic Dreams in the Body You Have NowTook a nap when I got home. I guess my body just needs a little rest, cant wait for my vacation! I ordered my Tri outfit! I went with the TYR outfit (Option #3 from a couple posts below), and decided maybe I will buy option 2 if I stay dedicated to my training for a few weeks. I also ordered the book Slow Fat Triathlete: Live Your Athletic Dreams in the Body You Have Now , which was recommended to me. It won't be in before I leave for vacation, but I'll move it to the top of my reading list when I get back. Ive been reading a LOT of inspiring websites & blogs. I came across a girl on the WW boards who signed up to complete an iron man prior to her 30th birthday, AMAZING! I would be so excited to do a half ironman at some point! Check her out: Iron girl Jo .

Since my body is clearly craving rest, my plan is to lay low tonight. Do some packing, cleaning, organizing, make some lists of what I need. Tomorrow AM we're going out for breakfast for our student's last day, so I will hit the gym for what I can in the AM. At least a 20-30 min run, maybe a swim in the PM after work, if I can get enough done before then.


journeyofalifetime said...

You and Iron girl Jo are so inspiring! I hope to one day at least do one 5k.. and you girls give me hope (: Let me know how that book is it looks pretty good, btw great blog!

Ordinary Gal said...

It definitely sounds like your body needed a break. I just started running 2 miles so the fact that you are training for a triathalon is absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work and just listen to your body :)