Training Recap.... 6 Weeks to Go!!

I have only 6 weeks until 70.3!

I felt more committed and focused on my workouts this week. Even though I did miss a few workouts, I was more motivated. I felt more focused. I could tell I'm starting to feel more ready, like I will actually make it through this race successfully!

Monday: slept in and skipped my 30 min swim.
Tuesday: 6.25 miles on the treadmill working on hills.
Wednesday: Bootcamp workout with TRX, superbands, sandbells. Planning on an after work ride, but got derailed.
Thursday: Bad weather led to a bike-run brick indoors at the gym. 12.6 miles in 50 min on the bike, followed by 1 mile in 10 min on the treadmill.
Friday: Wild bootcamp obstacle course! TRX, battle ropes, sandbells and lots of running. Missed my PM swim.
Saturday: Skipped the mud run and went out for a ride with Kevin, planning on 2 hours. It started raining and then pouring and storming. We hit 1 hour 50 min, and I had to skip my 3 mile run I had scheduled after.
Sunday: Long run of 9 miles on the treadmill due to more storms. I hit it at under an 11 min/mile pace, with only walk break. Overall it felt great!

Nutrition: Better overall, not snacking or drinking as much.  My tracking was pretty good too except a few days I stopped tracking after work (no dinner logged), and saturday didn't at all. I also had a little dessert at a party saturday night, but didn't go over board. I'm a little frustrated that the scale is still not moving, but I must not be putting in enough effort yet. Time to cut back some more!!

I took a rest day today (I'm exhausted!), and I'm looking forward to the week!

How was your training last week?

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