My bad work news from last week?

Instead of wearing my usual scrubs to work (I work in a hospital), I will soon be wearing khaki pants and a standard color polo. It takes me back 10 years ago to being a supervisor in the Six Flags waterpark while I was in college.

shorts in the waterpark, pants working in rides!
So now, I get to feel like an hourly employee, and jepordize my clothes getting nasty stuff on them. I drowned my sorrows last friday night when I got home.

barefoot bubby... yummmm

I'm thinking of fun ways to jazz it up.

Headbands are at the top of my list, along with....

Feather hair extensions. Thank you groupalicious!

I'm sad at losing my individuality with my look. I'm sad to wear the same outfit I wore when I made $10/hour at an amusement park. I'm sad that the polo shirts don't fit great. Overall, I'm cranky about it, but I'm trying to think positively (as much as I can). 

Do you wear a uniform?
How would you add some flair to khakis and a blue polo?


track coach and adorable wife said...

Sorry bout the uniforms, that is a bummer. Can you still wear funky necklaces or scarves?

Denise said...

Oh my. Yep takes me right back to my college job too. I worked at an aquarium it was khaki pants, shorts, or skirts - blue polo when I started. Over the years it went to a green polo, green Hawaiian print shirt and at least one more. I have not worn a uniform since!