Training Recap ..... 5 weeks left!

I have only 5 weeks until 70.3!

This was a recovery week, which I needed. I was exhausted after last week's training! I slacked a little more than I wish I had, but the weather was awful, and I needed the rest.

Monday: slept in & skipped the swim... Sunday's awesome long run tired me out!
Tuesday: 5 miles of speedwork. 400m warmup, 10 x 400m @ 6.4mph (400m RI @ 5.4mph), 5 min
Wednesday: bad weather = skipped weather
Thursday = whoops again.
Friday: Bootcamp in the morning.
Saturday: 1 hour 40 min trainer ride while watching the women's Olympic triathlon.
Sunday: scheduled 7 mile run, only finished 4 because of GI issues.

Nutrition: MUCH better this week. I actually started feeling lighter, my stomach a little flatter. Then, a bad day thursday led me to yogurt city & Chillis. Friday = drinks & dinner at TGI Fridays. back on track saturday & sunday.

I felt better about my training last week, so now I need to get the nutrition and training together to feel absolutely great!

Oh ya.... I also have a Half Marathon soon! RnR Providence is August 19!

How's your training going?
Are you heading to Providence?

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Aimee said...

Yogurt City is just plain dangerous! I would have loved to run Providence but again it's on a weekend I work. My training for Philly has been slow going so far. That shin splint from the spring took forever to heal and then it was a hamstring issue followed by a sore Achilles, but I think I'm finally back on track. I hope your training continues to go well. Good luck in Providence!