Training Recap....7 Weeks to Go!!

7 weeks to go until Pumpkinman 70.3!
Overall, this was a hugely unsuccessful week. I missed a ton of workouts. I ate pretty good most of the week until I got bad work news, then drank and ate all weekend and felt like crap. 

Monday: 30 min swim - 100 warmup, 200, 300, 500, 100 cooldown. 1200 total
Tuesday: Outdoor hot & sweaty 85% humidity 6.1 mile run
Wednesday: Bootcamp in the morning. Thunderstorms looming made me miss my ride after work.
Thursday: Missed my brick. An achy hip from bootcamp, and sleeping in won.
Friday: Morning bootcamp. Missed the PM swim after receiving bad work news. Instead I went to the bar with coworkers and finished it off with a bottle of bubbly.
Saturday: Planning on an afternoon brick since Kevin and I had morning stuff to take care of. Unfortunately my stomach started feeling awful, and I weeded instead of biking and running.
Sunday: Woke up lightheaded and dizzy. Didn't make it to my group run. Felt awful all day.

Nutrition: weekday = 90% good. weekend 20% good. I tracked half- assed, and let my bad health influence roommate get the best of me.

I have some major incentives to get on track with working out & losing weight, that I'll fill you in on later. Oh yeah, and wanting to not die on my quest to 70.3!

Do bad work days ever derail your plans?


Erica Elia said...

Oh yes bad work days can mess me up! That's one reason I have to workout in morning because at the end of the day I am so mentally worn out!!!! Hate to hear that you had a bad work week!

Anonymous said...

Had a similar week, started off good and then felt terrible starting WED and my workouts just didn't happen. All I wanted is curl up in bed and sleep. Let's just hope this week will be better!!

Lisa said...

yes, bad work days can totally derail my plans. shake it off. it's a new week now!

Karen said...

Bad work days are awful. Ugh so sorry you had a bad weekend! Hope this week is much better for you!! :0)