Group run & Bia GPS watch!

The week is winding down, and I'm glad to have a weekend! While this week certainly went better than last week, I was far from perfect with eating and workouts. I did better than last week, and right now, that is all that is important.

I'm trying to decide if I want to start off with the running group on Sunday for my long run. They have 9 miles on the schedule, I only have 7, but should do 9 since I skipped last week. I go a lot slower, their slowest runners go at about my race pace. I see 2 options...

1. See it as an opportunity to meet new people, get a little faster by trying to keep up, even if I only make it a few miles with them. (I know the area well and would not be concerned if I dropped off).

2. Go out on my own Sunday to work on getting faster before joining up with their group. I do worry a little that going too fast will re-injure my knee.

What would you do?

In other updates, my house is looking much cleaner! I cleaned every night except for the upstairs bathroom thursday, because I forgot! I'm going to work on that in a little bit. So far its really working good by breaking up the cleaning that needs to get done.

Bia is almost at their goal! 
If you want to see an amazing GPS watch that is waterproof, and can send out SOS signals literally SAVING your life, PLEASE, back it on Kickstarter HERE. There are 7 hours left to get $40K in!

I'm looking forward to biking, running & swimming this weekend!
I'm also studying up to take my Kinesiotaping certification exam, yikes!

What are you looking forward to?
Did you back Bia yet?


Lisa said...

I am constantly babying my knee, i would go alone rather than risk re-injury by going to fast. But that's just me...

Trisha said...

Depending on how my knee felt I would go with the group for a few miles and then finish my 7 on my own. When I started running I ran with an amazing group of women. Even now that I mostly run solo, I still meet up with them every few weeks and those runs are always great! Either way have a great run :)

Anonymous said...

I would go with the group, it's always fun to hang out with people who love running!