Training Recap... 8 weeks to go!

8 weeks to go until 70.3 at Pumpkinman in Maine. Here's last week's training recap...

Monday - 30 min swim. 100 warmup, 4 x 200, 100 cooldown.
Tuesday - Stayed up too late watching the Bachelorette monday night. I slept in and couldn't make it up in time for my run.
Wednesday - Bootcamp. Holy TRX. Some crazy plankwork with sandbags, kettlebells and box jumps. OMG, I was sore for 2 days. So hot after work that I missed my double session bike ride.
Thursday- 5 mile run that I missed tuesday. This means I did miss my brick workout, but I felt like the run was more important to get in.
Friday - Still so sore from Wednesday's bootcamp, I knew that if I went to Bootcamp today, I wouldn't be able to get my weekend workouts in. Sleeping in, thanks!
Saturday- Bike-run brick... 15.65 miles on the bike, 3.1 on the run. Felt fast on the bike, felt sluggish on the run. Kept working through to get to the end.
Sunday- Met up with the running group aka the fast girls. I stayed with them for 2 miles at their 10:15 pace, then dropped back to a comfortable 11-12 min/mile. Total of 8 miles instead of the planned 7.

Nutrition- Better than last week, but not perfect. Too much snacking, too many sweets. I did work on tracking more on my livestrong app, but slacked off after tracking lunch or dinner.

Overall, not a bad week, but I have a lot of room for improvement. This week, I'm really focusing on getting my water in, eating whole nutritious foods, and less sweets!

How's your training going?
Have you ever skipped a workout to make sure you can get another in?


Beth said...

You've been doing a whole lot of working out! Woo! Planks are a killer.

I haven't skipped a workout in my primary sport (running) to get in another, but I have skipped cross training (mainly yoga) if I was sore or I thought it would compromise my training or upcoming race.

Trisha said...

I don't skip my running but have a hard time sticking with cross training. I really need to get better about that.
Glad you got to run with girls. I always have a good run when running with others.
Good luck with this weeks goals you can do it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm currently training for marathon #3 and I'm really happy with the progress. But it is still a long way to go.

Good job on your training this week!