What is motivating me.... part 1

I've been leading up to a few things adding to my motivation lately. There are 3 things helping me stay focused, giving me extra reasons to stay on track, besides finishing 70.3.

Reason #1...

Is after my 70.3

It will include a little of this....

And a little of this...

Did you guess yet?


We are heading out on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas!
Off to the western caribbean for a week of relaxation after all my 70.3 hard work. We even splurged a little to book a balcony room overlooking the central park section of the ship. With our credit from the last cruise, we figured treating it like a free upgrade was a good use for it.

Central Park on the ship

I want to be in the best shape ever for this vacation. I want to look better than ever to have fabulous pictures and feel comfortable the whole time. 

Each time I want to eat a little extra, or give up on a workout, I remind myself of the cruise and walk away from temptation.

Do vacations help motivate you to stay on track?
Are you excited to see what else is motivating me?
What else motivates you?


dreambigrunner.com said...

Wonderful!!! Looks so pretty! You will have a blast! Doing a cruise is on my bucket list! :)

Runner Maybe said...

Looks awesome! I need to plan a vacation asap! We talk about it but I have not gone anywhere yet!