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I know, I know... I am still slacking at blogging lately.

Before I get to a post about me, I want to spread some news & ask for help.

There is some amazingness going on in the world of GPS sports watches. Remember how I was drooling over The new Garmin 910? Now I'm lusting after Bia, which is amazing in comparison. No plugging in, faster satellite locating, lighter & smaller than Garmin, a safety alert to locate you in an emergency, ipod like easy use,  & water resistance to 100M depth.

Check out the size difference...

Garmin 310 vs Bia
Perfect for triathletes, Runners, Walkers (it even has special run/walk interval settings).

Well you can't yet.
And you might not EVER get to if Bia doesn't reach their $400,000 backer goal by July 13th!
This means we only have 5 days to spread the news!
Check out the product HERE
Then back it... (and tell your friends)
This means you pledge an amount of money in exchange for a shirt, a wristband, a watch, the gps, etc. The more you pledge, the more you get & the more likely Bia will meet their goal.

If they don't reach their goal by July 13th....
your credit card will not be charged, and there will be no Bia... ever.

So check it out HERE & Pledge!!
They're a Team Tough Chik favorite (we'll even have a team band)!
I've made my pledge, have you?

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Michelle said...

I backed them! Love the features on this watch! Hope they make it!!