Am I Getting what I want?

Do you remember this post?

I said I was standing my ground. I had my goals, my plan & my progress tracking detailed. I felt motivated! I felt strong & tough!

1. Follow my training plan for workouts. NO EXCUSES
2. Clean eating, no sugar ~85% of the time. Limit alcohol to special occasions only.
3. Do my Hypnosis daily
4. Go to bed on time
5. Work less weekends

Big Question...
Am I getting what I want?
The answer is No.

Workouts have not been going as planned, due to breaking #4. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, my sleep was stolen away from me, which left me cranky, hungry, and lazy. I started feeling puffy and gross again.

Oh.. and theres only 9 weeks left until Pumpkinman 70.3! Whoops!

Sunday I had a day to recharge at the Beach with Kevin. We needed it badly. We packed the cooler, sprayed on the sunscreen, and soaked in the sun. I got to read some fitness, SELF, and Shape magazines that have been backlogging in my living room. Carrie Underwood talked about tracking food on an App called Livestrong, which rewards you with giftcards for tracking food, weight, and exercise. I downloaded it and I'm hooked!

I also found a pin on pintrest about cleaning your house for 15 minutes a day to make it more manageable. I'm really excited about it, and had my first successful day yesterday which included vacuuming and picking up some clutter.

This week I'm focusing on tracking food and getting my workouts in (as well as a clean house)! I've also decided I need to get back to posting my weekly training recap and some motivational posts.

What do you miss about my postings?
How often do you clean your house?
Do you use an App to track your food?


Beth said...

I use the My Fitness Pal app and I'm pretty happy with it. I can easily keep track of how many macronutrients I'm consuming (I try really hard not to eat meat, so I really watch my protein intake) and there's also a chart where you can see what % of your food each day comes from carbs, protein, or fats. There's also a barcode scanner function, which makes it really easy to add in the foods you're eating. It doesn't give out any rewards like the Livestron app you're using, but I'd definitely recommend it.

Aimee said...

I miss reading about your training. I enjoy your posts. You are honest and realistic. Life happens. Sometimes things go well and sometimes they don't, but I think you are healthy example of living a balanced life. Plus you are one of the only local bloggers I know of.

I cleaned my bathroom this morning! Bathroom and kitchen get a good cleaning every 2 weeks. My house is not messy though and it's always vacuumed.

I returned to WW about a month ago so I use their app to track. So far so good, but very slow progress. I'm ok with it as long as that scale keeps working its way down. I like the app as well as the scanner app.

It sounds like you are on the right track. I have no doubt you'll bounce back and be stronger than ever. Just look at all you have accomplished. said...

I definitely need to clean my house more often. I'm good at keeping it decent but I always find an excise to mob the floors and clean the bathrooms. At one point I was actually looking into a cleaning lady.I just have a hard time having somebody in my house while I'm gone. Good luck with your training this week!