Feel fat thursday....

I am feeling sluggish. Isn't it amazing what a few days of crappy eating and lack of workouts can do to you? I am feeling like my fat self, did not weigh in today, but know that I am huge today. Some days, no matter how hard you try, you can't get on track. 

I find that when I know my workouts will be tough to get in, I slack instead of trying harder. I eat with reckless abandon instead of being careful to stay within my target. Tomorrow I know I'll miss a workout since I have an early breakfast before work for a coworkers birthday. Saturday I have to work, followed directly by my company's holiday party. Sunday, the day I am supposed to do 15 miles, I am now worried because of the 2 feet of snow on the ground and the fact that I may have to work sunday too. FML. Can it get any worse? I'm sure it can, I shouldn't jinx myself.

I want to be this hardcore endurance athlete. One that eats the right foods, works out according to plan, and drops the pounds needed to be fit, yet still in athena category. Most days, I feel like that girl. Some days, I feel like fat 16 year old Stephanie with plenty of excuses, and food as my only friend. I've worked hard to get away from her. I know slip-ups are inevitable, but I hate them regardless.

Some good news?

I got an email from Ron @ Punk Rock Racing
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Please send me some happy running/life vibes right now. Happy running to all of you!


Carly said...

Don't worry about it. We all have ours days. Just start over tomorrow and don't defeat yourself before you've even started. You can do it! (And don't avoid the scale for too long - it only makes it worse.)


Audrey said...

oh do I know those feelings. wishing I could be the perfect athlete, eater, etc. Don't buy into the lies in your head though. Channel your inner "bad-ass" self and prove those lies wrong. You're training - if you were perfect there would be no need for that, so don't expect it.

Anonymous said...

Oh man... I have TOTALLY been feeling the same way lately. I know it is my diet and lack of sleep, but it is lame. Hope you get some pep in your step soon!

Wells L said...

Chica - I can relate way more than you know. I've been on a sugar high from all the holiday treats for what feels like weeks now and with life getting in the way, exercise has been minimal to non-existent. It's really hard, but that's what eventually makes us stronger. If it were easy, everyone would do it! It's the journey and these ups and downs are just part of the journey. Don't beat yourself up for them, just embrace them as challenges that are making you stronger. You have an amazing resolve to be healthy - keep heading in that direction and you'll be just fine!!!