Run to Home Base & Inperspire towels!

I have a really exciting announcement!

I have signed up for the Run to Home Base 9K at Fenway Park on May 22, 2011

This is a run put on by the Red Sox Foundation & Massachusetts General Hospital to help raise money to help treat veterans of war, specifically with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) & traumatic brain injury (TBI). I am running with my brother in honor of Sgt. Mark Ecker, a soldier from my home town who lost both his legs in afghanistan, and later died in a car accident. I am also running with my friend Lindsey who is currently serving in the airforce over in afghanistan.

I have committed to raising at least $1,000, and would appreciate your help to meet that goal! Soon, I will be announcing a big raffle I have in the works, but for now I have teamed up with Jimmy at Inperspire Towels to get a kickstart on raising funds!

Jimmy has generously volunteered to donate 10% of any inperspire towel order from now until my race date, as long as you input the code "Run" at checkout! Some of you may remember the review & giveaway I did on their towels (Check it out HERE). I love them! A few of my favorites include....

So please! Help me reach my goal by buying one of these fabulous towels HERE & jump start your workout motivation into the new year! 
Don't forget to enter the code: Run at checkout!!!

From their website: "In New England, an estimated 50,000 veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan are affected by TBI and/or combat stress. These invisible wounds of war are extremely complex, highly individualized and extraordinarily difficult for all those affected. Families of veterans suffering from combat stress and/or traumatic brain injury often need support and guidance as they seek ways to better understand and support their loved veteran. Many veterans struggle with the stigma associated with these injuries and the so called “invisible wounds” caused by battlefield experiences. While anxiety and distress may not be as obvious as the physical wounds of war, the scars are just as painful and deep. Such injuries require attention and treatment by a team of providers who are familiar with and experienced in the complexities of combat stress and traumatic brain injury." 

I would really appreciate your help in making a difference in the lives of those who serve our country! 

I'll be asking for donations soon (can't get away from that), but hold off making any for now until my raffle is all set up. I want everyone to get the entries they deserve! For now, you can support me by buying Inperspire Towels and spreading the word about my code word "Run." Thanks!

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