State of emergency!


And when I am in panic mode, I eat like crap & miss workouts.

Reason #1? More snow is on the way. We had 4 inches today, and are expecting another 6-10 tomorrow night (although I head a rumor of 2-4 feet). I am thinking I need to get on a plane & get out of here immediately. The snow is messing with my workout plans, messing with my life. I get anxious about driving in it, and it throwing off my schedule. I hate it.

Reason #2? Nuggets. Which is what I call babies. My friend Barbie, the one I did my first triathlon with. One of my girlfriends I am supposed to be running the Disney Princess Half with, just told me she is preggers. WTF?! Now she can't run, and she is missing a whole racing season. I really didn't think she was at the point in her life for nuggets, I guess I misjudged. I feel so far from it. I may be 28, but birthing a nugget seems ridiculous to me at this moment. I want to get married, continue training & racing. Getting knocked up is the last thing on my mind. Then I find out another girlfriend is preggers. Both are younger than me, and it is making me anxious. Like, should I be wanting a nugget right now, because I don't. Does that make me a bad person? I know many of you are mommies & love every minute of it, but it just doesn't feel right to me yet.

I was close to a panic attack at work today. Thinking about this snow & nuggets. I wish New Orleans was closer, because I have to avoid all of this. I wish I could say I used that negative/anxious energy to get my workout in, but instead I ate a bag of stacy's pita chips & 3 popsicles for dinner.

My long run partner Shelley & I have decided to go anti Glouster, MA & make a pact to not get pregnant. Now if only I could do something about this snow.....

Wish me luck getting a workout in tomorrow


Carly said...

The snow is messing with my running too and I hate it. I'm hoping for some sunny days soon.

And in terms of the babies thing, I think everyone is different when it comes to timing. Sorry to hear that you lost a racing mate. If it were me, I wouldn't get preggers on you. :-P

Wells L said...

Nuggets - cute word! I don't have kids and don't want any . . . not now, not ever. I think you're fine. No worries. There's plenty of time for that in the future if that's what you decide.

Popsicles for dinner? Popsicles? With all that snow outside? Really - you might want to try something like hot chocolate . . . jus' sayin'

Kimberly at (sorry I couldn't find the exact post said it best when she develoepd a new temorary mantra "one more day of craptastic winter weather, one day closer to wonderful spring!" After reading that, yep - I've incorporated that mantra into my daily life . . . the snow and cold are becoming oppressive.
Hang in there, girl!

Lisa said...

Snow snow go away, come again another day (or better yet, next year!)

Aimee said...

We haven't had that much snow this year, but it definitely messes with things when it does come. Hang in will be spring soon!

I am a mom, and I love it, but there was definitely a time in my life that I was not ready for kids. It's o-kay that you don't want to have kids and you shouldn't be feeling pressure or stressed about that decision. It's your life!!

Sara said...

I'm 28 and no nuggets here. My doctor and I just had this conversation - she actually told me I might want to "consider having children NOW or I will regret being an OLD MOM!" I cried all the way home. Can we say anxiety!?!?! I know how you feel - my friends have babies and I want to SOMEDAY, BUT JUST NOT NOW! I think you and I are okay - why rush what you aren't ready? I have finally come to the realization that this is MY life, and when I am ready, I will know and the time will be right - "old" or not!

The Green Girl said...


Audrey said...'s so nice to hear some like minds. I'm 27 and I DON'T WANT KIDS RIGHT NOW! I just got a phone call from my twin brother telling me his wife was pregnant - yikes! I immediately told my husband, "honey, we gotta be WAY CAREFUL, I'd freak if I was pregnant. I love me life, and marriage and running, and adventure. No kids for me either yet. So, long story short - it's ok, you're normal!

Jess said...

I am 31 and I am married but I don't want kids. Not now or ever. Who knows, I could change my mind one day, but I've never had a desire to be a mom as of yet. There are so many people who get married and have kids because it is what they are "supposed to do". Only have kids if you want them and the time is right! You're normal, so don't get stressed about it! And goodness, you are still young!!!

As for the snow - it sucks and I'm over it too! Ready for spring!!!

Robin said...

I hate to be the lone voice of dissent, but on the subject of "nuggets" I disagree with other posters. There really isn't plenty of time, which is probably why your friends are getting pregnant now. I was the first of my friends to get pregnant at 30, and to tell the truth my hubby pretty much had to twist my arm to make it happen (just one more racing season, I would've said that forever).

As it turns out, your chances of getting pregnant within one year of trying are 78% at 25 - 29 years old. By 35, they've fallen to 52% and by age 40 they're at 32%, and by 45 it's 5%. My friends that didn't start when I did ended up with fertility treatments, in vitro, surrogates, and adoption. Only a couple of the "waiters" ended up getting pregnant the old fashioned way.

So if you really don't want kids (and I know it's not for everyone), by all means go ahead and wait. But if you really do want them but just want to "wait awhile" or like me have a few more racing seasons, that might not be the best long-term plan.

BTW, although I never saw myself in mommyhood and although hubby had to talk me into it, I wouldn't trade having kids for anything in my former life.

Stephanie Anne said...

Thanks Ladies!

Robin- I will be having kids in the next couple years, close to age 30. Right now BF & I are not married yet & he's a couple years younger than me. We are planning to have kids, just need a few years to get ready. I know fertility does drop, and that does make me nervous. Hopefully I'll be ok having kids around 30-31!

Steph said...

I also am feeling the pressure to produce children (as the only child, and on one side, the only grandchild) but am not ready yet- so I feel your pain. I turn 27 this year...and I need a few more years to run free without arranging for babysitting! Or to just say- "hey, lets go to the movies!" and then going with no pre-arrangement needed.

You're good.