The good & the bad.....

Today I crashed & burned. I had a 15 miler scheduled, solo at the gym because Shelley & I still weren't feeling the snow. However, having a wild work holiday party, eating some junk, drinking a bottle of wine, and going to bed around 1am is reallly poor long run preparation. I know better than that. I tried to sleep in, but Kevin woke me up around 7:30, I made breakfast, downed Aleeve & gatorade all morning, and hit the gym around 12:30. I was doing ok, but right after 5 miles, my stomach began cramping, and I was practically doubled over. I've had this problem before after a bad night of eating/drinking, so like I said, I knew better. I clocked in a total of 6.5 miles before stopping, and stopped at starbucks for a peppermint steamer to calm my tummy on the way home.

On the way home, I started thinking about how the foods (and drinks) you consume prior to a training run can really impact your performance. I hate that heavy, can barely move feeling. I came home and started googling the best foods for fueling your runs, to help me remember why I need to eat healthy (and maybe not drink all that wine).

Best & Worst Pre-Run Foods from
1. High FIber foods
2. High fat foods
3. Caffeine
1. Refined Carbs
2. Low fiber fruits & veggies
3. Safe Dairy

Then I found a great article on preparing for your long run. I liked it because it broke preparations into several categories besides just nutrition.

some of my favorites?

1. Rest, sleep at least 8 hours prior to your long run (major fail here today)
2. Begin hydrating the day before (fail as well, I was dehydrating with booze)
3. Avoid foods with excessive protien/fat saturday
4. Drink lots of fluids while running (I did manage this today)
5. Refuel within 15 minutes after running

Check out the entire article HERE

The party? Well, that was wicked fun...

girls at the pre-party at my house!

If you recall I posted pics ~4 months ago at her baby shower. Doesn't she look fab?

my mini team at work!

cocktails & Ke$a = wild dancing

Bad stuff? My nana passed away last night, which is sad, but at the same time I am happy for her. She has been wanting to pass for awhile. She couldn't see, hear or remember anything. She held on waiting for my aunt, uncle & mom to visit her all together before going. Now she can join my pop-pop and uncle, and I'm sure she's much happier. I love you Nana!

Good stuff? Despite the crappy run, I'm feeling cleansed and motivated for a good week. Bring it on!

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Wells L said...

I'm sorry to hear about your nana! I'll be thinking of you and your family.

Chica - way to ROCK that dress!!!! You've come so far in your efforts to work out and loose weight. You look really cute . . . and your co-workers look like a lot of fun!

Feel better -

Suzy said...

I am sorry to read about your nana. It sounds like she was at peace with it being her time. I'll keep you and yours in my thoughts.

amber said...

my run today was not so successful either. i had a 11 miler scheduled and only managed to do 5 :( thanks for the tips! i will have to be more aware of those next time!!

Sara said...

I am sorry to hear about your Nana, but so happy to read you are finding peace that she is no longer suffering. Thanks for being an inspiration to me - good and bad runs both - you're a winner in my book, which is why I am giving you the Stylish Blogger Award!

Meg O said...

hi! stopping by from tall mom challenge. Hope training is going well :) Love your blog. I had to laugh because I literally just wrote about food affecting your performance as well! :) I'm now following your blog.