On the mend!

Luckily my back is much better. I spent friday night eating heating, reading, and TV watching, making sure to take my muscle relaxers and pain killers when scheduled. Kevin left for Vermont to go snowboarding for the weekend with some friends, which left me to heal, and have a little alone time.

my best friend: brookstone lumbar support

Saturday I even managed a short trip to the gym. I did the elliptical and stair-stepper, then spent a good 20 minutes stretching. I really worked out my back stretching, and successfully managed a short stint on the foam roller. I was feeling great, and even avoided the muscle relaxer (Aleve only)! 

I was feeling pretty confidant for my 10 miler today, but not so confidant in the weather. Below freezing temps made me worried about ice, and my running parter & I decided to hit the treadmills. We pretended she was interested in joining my gym so she could get in for free, then pounded out 10 miles at an amazing speed. Usually we end up around 11:20-12:20 min/mile pace outside, today however I finished with a 10:58 pace. My heart rate was pounding into the 180s near the end, I needed a couple quick pauses to lower it, and stretch the back, but overall I felt great! And the post run starbucks wasn't bad either. This makes me think that maybe I can run a faster half marathon than I previously thought!

Strength Training for Triathletes

Later, I decided to make my strength training plan. I bought Strength Training for Triathletes a while back, but hadn't put the time aside to go through the exercises to develop a program that would work for me. I really think overall the book is great. Lots of pictures and easy to follow instructions. A good background of information for people who aren't familiar with the science behind strength training. I definitely recommend it!

Here's what I came up with....
3 days of strength training split into each sport
Separate core strengthening I can do at home 2-3x/week

Monday (Run strength)
circuit 1: squats, leg press, hamstring curls
circuit 2: hammer curls, upright row, band row
circuit 3: Split squats, lateral raise, toe raise, runners raise

Wednesday (Cycling strength)
circuit 1: Walking lunge, step ups, single calf raise
circuit 2: back extension, captains chair knee lift, shoulder protraction
circuit 3: front raise, DB push up, one leg squats

Friday (Swim strength)
circuit 1: Cable lateral leg lift, cable crossover, cable hip ext
circuit 2: bridging pullover, tubing stroke, tricep push down
circuit 3: inclined superman, slam dunk, DB shoulder press

V-up, combination crunch, modified bridge, russian ball twist, moguls & twisting punch

I picked exercises based on the areas I feel I need the most work on. I tried to group them together into circuits that I can easily work on in one area at my gym. Any input, ideas, or feedback?

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Karen said...

So glad to hear that your back is feeling better! :0) I like your training plan as well!

Wells L said...

You're amazing! I can't believe you knocked out 10 miles so soon after hardly being able to get up with your back. You go girl!!!! SO IMPRESSIVE!!!!

The Green Girl said...

So relieved to hear your back is doing better, girl.