i beat the treadmill!

I made it! 
I suffered through 12 long miles on the treadmill & finished in 2:14:33! I had to get off once to refill water, and I did a couple walk breaks, but overall finished strong! Not too bad considering I missed all my other runs this past week, and was extra lazy. Now its taper time, race day is 2 weeks away!

Who else is going to Rock N Roll New Orleans? 
Any interest in a blogger meet up?

I also need a little advice for my Fundraising raffle. Since this is my first one, I'd like a little input from you guys. I've seen some raffles where it runs for a certain amount of time and a raffle winner it drawn each week & chooses their prize, and some where at the end of the time period the prizes are drawn in order. 
Any input either from those of you who have run them, or for those of you that may be interested in participating once its posted, would be greatly appreciated!

Oh... and my post run treat today?

I figured it was a little healthier than the ice cream shop's version across the street. I'm enjoying some while watching 30 rock from last week!


Amanda said...

Oh that ice cream looks amazing! I looked at some today but never bought any. I love cake batter ice cream. I try not to buy the kinds I like or I would sit and eat the whole container.

Good job on your run today. I have to get back to running. You are so inspiring. :)

Wells L said...

Way to go girl!!! Congrats on finishing your last long run of the training cycle. Woo Hoo!!!

Aimee said...

Woohoo! Nice job on the treadmill run! Awesome!

I've never done a fundraising raffle, so I'm afraid I can't offer you any advice! Good luck with it though!

Paula - Running Mom of 5 said...

I want to run New Orleans so bad, but it just is not going to work out this year. I look forward to reading your race report.

Good job on your 12 miles! I managed to get 10 miles done on the treadmill last night. It is tough to be on the mill that long!

Carly said...

Way to rock the treadmill! I hit the treadmill yesterday, but I think the treadmill beat me. Hahaha...
Anyway, that ice cream looks yummy!

Elizabeth said...

i love that ice cream! but had to walk away at the grocery the other day. yes to the blogger meet up! what about saturday afternoon at the expo? after lunch?

Anonymous said...

Great job!!! I don't know how you do it! The treadmill kills me after a while. SO boring. It sounds like we will be racing on the same weekend! So exciting! Good luck in New Orleans! :)