Getting back...

10 inches. of ridiculous snow. My reindeer is officially buried.
 Friday. Saturday. Tuesday. Wednesday. More snow.

Thank god I leave for New Orleans in 2 weeks. 55-70 degrees and no snow sounds like heaven.
I got my confirmation/final instruction email today! So excited for the race!
I haven't run all week, but hopefully will be able to tomorrow, or just get through my long run sunday.
Today was better food wise, and I even managed a 20 min bike trainer ride while dinner was in the oven. Jillian's Quinoa stuffed peppers, YUM!

This weekend is a busy one. Red Sox tickets go on sale saturday, and we have a time share spiel to go to. I have a birthday dinner for a friend that night, and a long run the next morning. I will behave and avoid the margaritas to prepare for my last 12 miler before race day.

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Magnetic Bike Trainer said...

Sorry to hear about all of the snow. Here in the Chicagoland area we haven't seen the ground since early December. Just trying to struggle through the cloudy days by riding the bike trainer about 5x a week.

Shawn Becker said...

Good luck on your race. The winter just wrecks havoc on training and I can not wait for daylight savings and warmer weather.
I love the Rock n Roll events, they have great expo's!

Lisa J said...

wooo for New Orleans- I'm excited to run this race too! Are you wearing anything 'festive' for your run?

Karen said...

YAY for NOLA! I'm so excited I cannot wait!!!! :0) You'll love the weather down here right now!! Hopefully it's decent for the race!

runsinthefamily said...

Wow, have fun escaping the snow! We are the same way here in Northeast Ohio - I'm so tired of winter!

Elizabeth said...

there will be several bloggers in town-we need to have a meet up!!