Why not Beer & Ice cream?

Trip to Vermont = nutrition disaster. I made Jillian Banana Blueberry muffins, but that was probably the only healthy thing I ate all weekend. We woke up at 4:40 am to get ready to leave, Kevin wanted to wait to have breakfast in Vermont at the restaurant he used to work at, so my stomache was growling.
general food recap...
sat ~5:15am DD iced coffee with splenda
       6:00 am Jillian muffin
       9:00 am eggs, homefries, wheat toast at the restaurant
       12:00 pm Jillian muffin
        3:00 pm Beer from the Magic Hat Brewery & the growler we bought & a kashi granola bar
        7:00pm dinner at American Flatbread (organic at least!) 3 different types (sausage, cheese & mushroom) 1/2 a beer, 1 glass of wine. Followed by 2 just seltzer & lime at the bar! (go me! DD!)
sun  8am: breakfast at the hotel, small bagel with peanut butter & banana, hard boiled egg & coffee
       12:30pm: leftover flatbread pizza
       3:00pm sample at Ben & Jerry's, then a small dish of coconut 7 layer cake (would HATE to see those nutritionals!)
       4:00pm samples of chedder cheese at the Cabot store
       8:00pm sugar cookie

Seriously.... what a disaster. Feel gross & HUGE upon returning home. Do NOT want to go near the scale at all. Desperately need to get to the gym, foot is feeling great, so Im going to go in the AM tomorrow.

As far as the boy situation, he changed his relationship status back after we talked on friday. He came over friday night and we grilled (steak for him, chicken for me), I made corn on the cob & baked potatoes. The trip went well overall, it was good to meet some of his friends, and see where he grew up. we talked about moving forward and moving in together, the re-proposal. we bought fireworks on the way home in New Hampshire. So things in that department are looking up as well.

Heres to getting back on track, starting tomorrow though since my roomie somehow convinced me to make my asiago cheese dip (at least im using FF sour cream & light mayo!) to eat with Stacy's pita chips (soooooo good, but my weakness) while we watch the bachelorette tonight. So tomorrow AM is Gym & back on track!


Lindsay said...

Soooo jealous you went to Magic Hat Brewery! I love Potion #9, please tell me you had some!

Stephanie Anne said...

definately had some! we had a little of everything & a growler of circus boy!