I wish I could run it all away......

If only I could run right now! I would run away my sadness, frustration, and negative feelings. Since I can't I've just been crying. I thought I could be a strong person and tell him I didn't want him back until he knew he was 100% ready to marry me. But I can't. I love him so much, these past 4 days have been torture. We talked a little today, he hopefully is coming over later.

Tonight I am planning on going out for drinks with some coworkers and plan on spending a decent chunk of points on booze. love it. Last night roomie & I went to sit outside & listen to music at a local restaurant.  I didn't eat any of her nachos, go me!

As far as my foot is concerned. I Had bunion surgery about 7 weeks ago. Prior to my surgery I had been having killer pain at the bunion, having difficulty with running. The surgery has eliminated my pain (awesome!) but the incision has been slow to heal. I've been out of work for 7 weeks, and at least another 2. Yesterday I got up to 3.0 on the treadmill for a few minutes. My walking has been starting to look more normal. I haven't stayed at the gym very long the past few days because I was ready to burst into tears, or hyperventilate with anxiety.

I managed to make a healthy dinner last night & go shopping for some fruit. I am trying to keep myself in good condition. I hope all goes well today....

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