Cirq Du Soliel!

Last night Kevin & I went out to dinner, drinks & to see 'Ovo' the traveling Cirq Du Soliel in Hartford. We've seen 'La Nouba' & 'Kooza' together & I saw 'O' & 'Love' in Vegas while there for work last summer. We talked a lot at dinner about moving forward with things, him moving in as a possibility, and expectations for our future & getting re-engaged. Next weekend he's going to take me to Vermont to see where he grew up. I can't believe we've been together 5 1/2 years and I've never been up there. I guess since he doesn't have family there, we've never had much of a reason to go. Things are definitely looking up :)

I did have a quite a few glasses of wine last night, and he got a popcorn during intermission that I ate some of. I used some weeklies to accommodate, but didn't even finish them off. I'm trying to stay very focused and on track now, since I go back to work half days starting tomorrow. I need to go grocery shopping & decide what will be the smartest thing for me to pack & take. I haven't been OP at work in a looong time (maybe years) without tracking. I always ate good, whole foods, but just too much. heres what Im thinking...

grill some chicken to top salads for the week
maybe organic yogurt
for snacks maybe apples, string cheese, almonds

I need to pre-track to see how it will all work out. I do have to admit Im a little nervous.

Yesterday I jogged/walked for 31 minutes & completed 2.27 miles! it felt so good & my foot is feeling better than ever. I went swimming at the gym for some laps on friday, I think I'll do it again monday after work. Ill post later my plan for the first part of the week for gym time, now I'm off to make a grocery list!

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