"I can't Breathe!"

Last night I ended up at the urgent care center with my roomate, who has extreme allergies. She ate a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, then her airway started to close up, she was itchy. They ended up giving her a prescription for prednisone, and told us to get some benedryl. She's feeling much better now.

It made me think of all the episodes of biggest loser & Jillian's new show, where all the people scream "I CANT BREATHE!!" & Jillian usually screams back "YOU WONT DIE, KEEP MOVING!!" Breathing difficulties can be serious though. people should remember that during all those shows the contestants are under constant medical supervision in case something goes wrong. The last think you want to do is push yourself past the point where you can't breathe to where you pass out, or some other serious medical complication.

Went to the gym with the roomie today. Relax we took it easy due to her breathing problems. Then we laid out in the sun by my mom's pool & scratched scratch tickets. Tonight were going to make stir fry for dinner.

The Kevin situation has been so difficult still. I went to his house sat & sun to talk without being invitied. I just can't give him the space he wants. I've become 100% more clingy than I ever have been in a million years from all of this. I left sunday afternoon from his house and havent talked to him since. He called last night, but didn't leave a message. He called at the time we used to talk every night at before bed. I wasn't home & I didn't call him back. I am so proud of myself. If he doesn't call tonight, I may call him back then, we'll see.

Other plus side, I wore my sneakers for 1 1/2 hours today! I got up to 4.2 on the treadmill. I really wanted to pick it up to a jog, but I figured its probably too early. Ill have to check about it at my next MD appt on thursday. The wound is healing better so hopefully I can get in the pool to go swimming this week or next!

I've been bad about tracking my points, and staying on track. My emotions have gotten the best of me lately, or going out has done me in. Wish me luck in getting back on track today & the rest of the week!

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