Life is exhausting

Seriously, this week I have come home from work (a half day, mind you), and been ready to drop. So exhausted like I could sleep the night away. I really would be preferring to work out in the AM, but I need to readjust to waking up at 5am. Today I woke up at 5:30am, but went back to sleep haha. Today I came home from work, ate some watermelon, popcorn and crackers then crashed upstairs to read. Significantly better than yesterday. I am not even hungry for dinner now though. I still feel bloated and gross. I went upstairs to relax a little too late today. I need to really keep my strategies in check in the moment. I did manage to drag myself to the gym around 5, even though I was sluggish & dragged through 30 min on the elliptical before leaving. Im working on hitting the sack early tonight with an AM workout. I need to finish laundry & start packing for the weekend away. I need to figure out how to stay on track this weekend....

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