Back to Work...

Today was my first day back to work in 9 weeks. I'm starting with half days for now, until the MD says otherwise. It was good to get back, worked with an awesome stroke patient who I get to see again tomorrow. My foot was tired after 3 hours of treatment time though!

I was really nervous about planning my food with going back to work. Being at home, I've been eating when I'm hungry. At work, you have to eat when lunch is. I had been eating lunch around 1:30/2 before, so 12 is really early. I was soooo hungry for dinner early today. Made some salmon with olive oil & a lemon pepper seasoning, and some sweet potato fries. Used a few weeklies today since I was so hungry. I really want to stay in my DP range until thursday WI, so I need to plan a little better.

I went swimming laps at the gym after work. I read in my HRM instruction book that I could wear it in the pool, so I did. I am LOVING that #1 its a pink wristwatch & #2 that not only does it track my HR, but my calorie expenditure. I Definitely recommend it!
I am planning on hitting the gym after work tomorrow ( probably after icing) and hopefully getting in a little jog. Gotta stay focused!!


Kelly said...

Stephanie- I'm a new follower of your blog but I'm hooked! You are so strong and keep trucking along, despite a broken heart and emotional times. I'm a runner too and suffered a stress fracture back in January. I can totally understand your itch to run! :)

Stephanie Anne said...

thanks so much Kelly! Hope your stress fracture is healing well!