Shhh I jogged!!

Don't tell my surgeon! Today I was at the gym, my foot was feeling great.  I did 30 min on the recumbent bike, 20 min of arm & leg lifting, then went for my 15 min of walking on the treadmill. I did 1 mile of walking from 3.0 to 4.2, then went to 4.4 at the last minute and decided to try a slow jog.  It felt so great, I broke into a HUGE smile. Instead of going over to the elliptical as I planned, I decided to try 10 minutes of walking/jogging. I started at 4.4 and worked my way to 5.0 and felt awesome! Whew, my heart rate went up since I haven't been able to work this hard yet. I am definitely feeling I could schedule a 5k for august, which makes me the happiest I have been in months.

Kevin called monday, I didn't call him back. I called back on tuesday. He said he missed me, he wanted to talk about how we could move forward with things. He came over for a couple hours & we discussed things. Maybe this time away was a good thing. He had some really good insights on the situation and on making things work between us. I told him if we are getting back together, and he wants to marry me, then he needs to propose again. We were both not happy with how it went the first time. I told him I thought a new one would be like a fresh start to move forward with our relationship moving towards marriage. He broke into the biggest smile, said he loved that idea.  He wanted to go home & think about how we will have our fresh start. I'm happy he's finally understanding things. Im happy & looking forward to what the future holds.

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